Landmark Supreme Court ruling means that you may be able to claim for interruptions to your business.

If your business insurance policy has business interruption coverage and has been affected by COVID, you may be able to make a claim.

Gowing Law have constructed a team of individuals with experience in law, insurance and accountancy who are able to provide a free assessment as to your prospects of success in making a no win, no fee claim today.

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What can I claim for?

When considering making a business interruption claim, the coverage that is available to you is dependent upon the policy that you have. Our experts are able to assess these insurance contracts and in conjunction with our forensic accountants, advise you on what you are likely to be able to claim for.

Typical coverage under a business interruption policy will pay for:

  • Ongoing operating costs such as rent and insurance.
  • Wages.
  • Charges from loans acquired due to COVID.
  • Costs accrued to provide your employees with the essential tools to work from home.
  • Costs accrued to make your business a COVID safe environment.

If my business was not forced to close, can I still claim?

Yes, the current pandemic is very unusual circumstances and the latest judgement has ruled in your favour. If you decided to close all or part of your business to customers due to a fear of the pandemic, that would be seen as a reasonable reason to claim

In addition, due to the social distancing guidelines and lockdown measures it has been extremely difficult for businesses to stay open. Therefore, if you closed your business to protect your staff and customers, you may have a valid claim.

Your questions answered

  • How much will it cost me to claim?

    At Gowing Law, our Business Insurance claims are processed on a No Win No Fee basis.

    When making a No Win No Fee claim, you don’t need to worry about anything as we will bare all upfront costs, and you will only need to pay a fee if your claim is successful, this means you will never be out of pocket.

    If your claim is successful Gowing Law may take up to 25% + VAT of the money you receive from your insurance company.

  • How much will I be awarded?

    This is entirely dependant on individual circumstances and can be affected by a number of factors. Including, the amount of losses/expenses accrued and the level of protection set out in your policy.

    At Gowing Law, we use our vast years of experience in corporate law, insurance contracts, and also forensic accounting to ensure that you will receive the maximum possible compensation for your claim.

  • I have already tried to claim but my insurer denied my claim

    Yes – if you tried to claim yourself and were denied, you may still have a solid case.

    As long as your policy has a valid business interruption clause, then you definitely have a case. Gowing Law can help you to bring your no win, no fee claim against your insurer.

  • I can't find my insurance policy what should I do?

    You can still start the claim assessment process with Gowing Law.

    In order to proceed you have two options, you can contact your insurance company yourself and ask for a copy of your policy: documents, schedule, certificate and booklet (they are legally required to give this to you).

    Alternatively, you can authorise Gowing Law to communicate directly with your insurer.

  • Can I claim even if I received a Government Coronavirus Grant?

    Yes, you are still able to claim.

    The government coronavirus grants were and still are provided as immediate help for businesses.

    The government is fully aware that business owners will also be making claims against their insurance policies. You can still proceed with your claim with Gowing Law.

  • How long will my claim take?

    It usually takes us up to 1 business day to assess whether you are likely to have a successful claim.

    In terms of the full timescale from start to finish of your claim, it is difficult to say at this stage but should you provide your full cooperation we can promise we will be proactive and ensure a swift possible conclusion to your claim.

I’m ready to make my claim, how do I start?

Starting your claim is a straightforward process, we just need a few details from you. Once you have submitted your details online, we will contact you about the next steps.

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Why you should use Gowing Law

Gowing Law Solicitors have a team of qualified solicitors who are ready to assess your case. Here are some additional reasons why you should work with our insurance claim specialists:

Unbeatable Claim Analysis

We have a team with specialist skill sets that allow us to determine whether you have a claim, including corporate solicitors and forensic accountants.

100% No Win, No Fee

We offer a No win, No fee agreement on all new cases. Talk with us today to start your claim.

Proven Track Record

We have helped thousands of people across many different sectors to claim the compensation they are owed.

Legal Specialists

Your case will be managed by our dedicated business interruption claims team. They will provide help and support at every stage of your claim.


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Gowing Law's track record has helped us receive valued recognition. It is with great pleasure that Footballing Icon Micheal Owen is our ambassador.

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